New approach to life


Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard, you just need to change your lifestyle in a simpler manner, explore our website to get more insights to keep you healthy & stronger and feel great.


New approach to life


Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard, you just need to change your lifestyle in a simpler manner, explore our website to get more insights to keep you healthy & stronger and feel great.


Who We Are


ABOUT ceylonspiceage

We are from Ceylon – Sri Lanka (known as the Pearl of Indian Ocean) having tropical climate throughout the year with abundance of rainfall, which enables the best naturally grown spices and herbals known for centuries for its rich aroma, taste and quality in this paradise Island.

Our business philosophy is holistic lifestyle & wellbeing for all.

We are proud to bring you our unique product range made with special attention to quality and purity, directly from the farmers to the end customers.

Organic & conventional Spices, Herbal Teas, Organic Capsules, Food Supplements & Substitutes, Healthy Snacks and Essential Oils are some of our products to offer.

We strive to empower the rural communities through our dedicated farming groups and we promote ethical business practices, traceability and trust from farmer to the  consumer.

We sincerely hope that you will find our products & services are useful bringing in necessary changes to your life for a healthy and meaningful living.

We are gratified of our international clientele who have placed immense confidence on our capabilities and on our organic and non-chemical products, and we strive to improve our product range as we progress in our wellness journey. 

We do accept bulk orders to any region in the world and our logistic counterparts will make sure that you will have the most economical way of getting your bulk supplies to your door step, please drop us a line via for more details. 

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o n e S t e p c l o s e r t o t h e n a t u r e

p r o d u c t s

Ceylon Spiceage

Essential Oils

Pure and natural essential oils for all your healing needs, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual.
Try our extensive range of essential oils and carrier oils, our repeated global customers are the hallmark of our genuine product quality and service. 
New Blends and Chakra healing essential oils are the latest additions to our essential oil collection. 


Spices & Condiments

Organic & conventional spices and condiments are our heritage, and we are committed to maintain required quality standards and natural goodness in all our products, Ceylon spices have a high level of natural chemical content & aroma when compared to the spices produced by other regions in the world, we continue our journey to provide you the best and undiluted spices & condiments for all your culinary and lifestyle needs. 


Organic Herbal Teas

Nature’s hidden treasure in a cup of tea.
We have organic Blue Butterfly Pea Tea, Lemongrass Tea, Ginger Tea, Soursop Tea, Cinnamon Tea mixed with Hill Country Black Tea, BOP and POPF. 
We accept bulk orders for all our tea range and we can do OEM, tailormade our products as per your requirement, and can be delivered to any destination internationally. 


Healthy Supplements

Organic Capsules such as  Moringa, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Gotukola, Beetroot and Ashwagandha are   a great source of natural nutrients to maintain your overall well-being, these are nutraceutical capsules which is recommended to use by the Sri Lankan Ayurvedic Medical Association and produced hygienically with the Technical consultation by ITI -  Sri Lanka Industrial Technology Institute 


Dehydrated Superfoods

All natural and organic  dehydrated products such as Lemongrass, Ginger, Curry Leaves, Pineapple, Banana Blossoms are some the favorite products in this season.

Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

With over 80 natural minerals, Himalayan Pink Salt helps the natural detoxification in our body and balances the PH level.
We have wide range of authentic Himalayan Pink Salt for all your culinary and aromatherapy needs. 

our Feature Product


Feature Products


Boswellia serrata

Classic Choice

Hill Country Ceylon Tea

Bitter Gourd Capsules

Himalayan Crystan Salt – Fine Grain


Our Commitment


Our Accreditations

Our Farmer groups, Testing methods, Production and Packing processes are currently being assessed & calibrated to match with the world standards enabling our products to meet the best-in-class quality, product safety and traceability.

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure best quality standards, all our products are going through mandatory lab testing through ITI Sri Lanka and necessary quality checks are being done at  all levels of the manufacturing process. 

Processing & Packing

All our products are manufactured in a state of the art manufacturing facility focusing on safety, hygiene and product quality. 


Transparent Business Model

Our business philosophy Triple Bottom Line.
We aspire to become a sensible organization towards our nature, community whilst we make profits.



our clients said


Had a very nice and not too sweet Cinnamon Ice Cream today in the shop THE BAY. They have also a very good collection of healthy stuff like sea salt, nuts, spices, tea, aroma oils etc,. Nice surprise to find a shop like this here in Hikka! Best of luck THE BAY. 😊 ☘️ 💖

Liza Bella
Liza Bella

Customer (from Germany )

‘The Bay’ by Ceylon Spiceage has been a popular shop with guests this season, for healthy snacks, essential oils, delicious ice cream, and more. They are open throughout low season. Pop in if you are in the area and support this innovative local business. 🙏

Melissa Thelan
Melissa Thelan



Our Support partners

Ceylon Spiceage collaborates with these partners to bring you the best-in-class wellbeing products.

global presence



Our products can be shipped to the USA, Japan and Canada and also on selected E-Commerce platforms. If you wish to enquire, please drop us a line can 

Sri Lankan Traditional Recipes

Sri Lanka has a diverse food culture, you may try some of them at your home with our products, by using the recipes provided and should you need any assistance or any doubt, please feel free to drop us a line via contacts.